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 Sheltie Coat Colors     

The Shetland sheepdog really only has two "base" coat colors: black and sable. BUT, as I'm sure you have seen, when genes combine with others that influence the coat color and pattern, "variations" occur that we have given names to. The pattern that causes the variations in face and ruff markings is in fact a completely independent gene from that which causes the different colors, and so from that perspective any amount of white on the face and ruff is purely a matter of taste; and not a requirement in the standard (in other words, a full white collar is not mandatory, nor should it be considered an exceptional virtue to the show judge) With that in mind; be aware that the drawings below are considered only representative; in reality, the amount of white on the face, ruff, and legs may vary greatly from pup to pup, and in no way affects their quality. By the way; both boys and girls make equally great pets when neutered or spayed!





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