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Physical Rescue: This includes taking the Shelties from Animal Control shelters/pounds, taking in those who are found/injured/sick, assisting in catching lost Shelties, and accepting owner-surrendered dogs. We feel it is very important for people to accept responsibility for their pets, so we will take an owner-surrendered dog only after all efforts by the owner to find a new home have been exhausted. If we perceive that the situation involves abuse or severe neglect, we will take the dog. Any stray we receive will be held in foster care while we atempt to find the owner.

Rehabilitation: Dallas/Ft. Worth Sheltie Rescue, Inc. provides physical and behavioral rehabilitation for Shelties that are rescued. At the time a dog is placed in a new home, the adopter is fully apprised of the dog's condition. Our dogs are always neutered before being made available for adoption.

Lost and Found: Sheltie Rescue has an active program to reunite lost Shelties with their owners. We encourage anyone who has lost their Sheltie to contact us immediately at 972-994-7848, as many such dogs will sooner or later find their way to us. "In 2007, 150 Shelties were accepted into the Rescue program. Many of these obviously came from loving homes.) " We also request that anyone who finds a Sheltie please contact us as soon as possible. The dog you have found may have physical or medical needs and will certainly be grieving for its home. Help us to reunite these dogs with their owners! Our primary geographical area is the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, but we are here to assist any Sheltie in need.

Education: Members of Rescue are available to provide help and assistance to all Sheltie adopters and any other Sheltie owner. We are more than happy to advise on nutrition, health care, grooming, behavior problems, and other needs.

Foster Homes: We work on a foster home basis with Rescue volunteers providing loving homes for rescued dogs until permanent homes are found. We are always looking for good foster homes. When a Sheltie is accepted into the rescue program, it is immediately evaluated by a veterinarian and is given vaccinations and medical care as needed. The dog is then placed in a foster home where it is evaluated for temperament and is rehabilitated, if necessary.

Adoptions: All prospective homes are screened carefully so we can be as sure as possible that we are placing the dog with what we feel to be the proper home for each particular dog. Every home isn't right for every animal, nor is every animal right for every home. The adoption fee is a donation to help cover our veterinary medical expenses. Our fees have increased as of mid 2009 due to increased costs. New fees are: $250 for adults 1 9 years, $275 for puppies up to 1 year, and $150 for ages 10 and up. Any one interested in adopting one of our Shelties is required to fill out an adoption application form and agree to a home visit if approved and matched with a dog, the adopter will sign an adoption agreement when their new pet is delivered by our volunteers.


Dallas/Ft. Worth Sheltie Rescue
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